At DOTEL, we understand that local support is a crucial ingredient for success. Our sales strategy is hinged on customer referrals obtained by providing the ultimate in customer satisfaction to our clients. We have a team of competent consultants who are responsible and available 24/7 for providing numerous efficient support services.

Our support preventive and creative maintenance services include among others to:

  • Monitor the operation of our product periodically to ensure that it meets stipulated operational standards and that the systems audit/security measures are not only in place but are still effective within the dynamic business environment of the client.
  • Use reasonable efforts and experience to rectify any errors in our products(s) that the client notifies us in writing about.
  • Incorporate in the package (free of charge), minor additional features requested by the client in writing provided that the requested changes are reasonable and achievable within the design concept of the system.
  • Consider requests for major or structural changes to the product at a cost and for a completion time to be agreed by both parties.
  • Advise client on any new releases, updates or revisions that can be incorporated into the product.
  • Use our wide and varying web experience in large government/private establishments to continually advise and guide the client on information communication technology decisions, planning and implementation.

Our proven ability to deliver and support world class solutions has created an immense sense of trust, integrity and partnership with our clients; and that guarantees them peace of mind and assures their loyalty and trust. This is our value edge. Let us work for you now in as to render cutting edge support.