The newly released DOTEL MEDICAL RECORDS SYSTEM (DMRS-2010™) provides enhanced service to Hospital patients requiring medical service at the various service points in the Hospital namely; GOPD, A&E, Clinics, Wards, Labs, Pharmacy, Theatre, Imaging (Radiotherapy/Radio diagnosis), Diagnostic Coding Index, Library and Mortuary respectively. It provides relevant patients information with the click of a button.

The design of the package is structured in line with the activities performed at the various Hospital Service Points. The system is integrated with all the desired hand shakes needed to facilitate the sharing of patients Health information from one services point to another. The concept aims at avoiding undue duplication of databases and data entry operations in the system.

File Size : 265 MB | Version : DMRM-2010™
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DOTEL Human Resources Manager (DHRM-2010™) keeps track details of all the serving staff in an organisation. It maintains a database consisting of the employee number, name, grade level, annual salary, date of employment, department/division, designation, last promotion date, last increment date, salary detail etc.

It also captures and maintains the biometrics details of each staff. The process scans through the employee database and generates periodic reports advising personnel department on staff that are or will be due for confirmation (all things being equal) in one month, two months and three months time respectively.

The program also keeps track of all the staff that has left or will leave the services of the organisation for one reason or the other. It maintains the personnel basic details of such staff in a history file for future references. It records the pension start date, monthly pension rate and computes the gratuity benefits payable as well as making all the necessary deductions of the outstanding loans/ advances.

File Size : 750 MB | Version : DHRM-2010™
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The newly released DOTEL ACCOUNTING SYSTEM (DAS-2010™) comprises of various modules namely Payroll/Pension Module, Staff Loans/Advances Module, Cashbook Module, General Ledger Module, Revenue Accounts Module, Account Payable Module, Stock Control Module, Fixed Assets Module, Budget Control (Vote Book) etc..

The design of the system is MENU-driven and user-friendly. Enough security and control features are designed into the system to check possible abuses by the users. There are levels of control/authorisation and each level is designed in line with the usual manual security and control procedures.

File Size : 750 MB | Version : DAS-2010™
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It is the first software tool available for prescription that predicts potential drug - drug and drug - gene interaction risk based on both cythochrome P450 metabolism and genetic testing. This information helps physicians gain enhances understanding of metabolism - based adverse drug interactions and/or lack of efficiency.

Our application is constantly updated to keep pace with the dozens of relevant reports appearing each month. The software is algorithm driven. Unlike other DDI programs DPHARM uses al algorithm to predict and weight DDIs for drug combinations not reported in literature.

File Size : 750 MB | Version : DPHARM-2010™
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DOTEL LABS/XRAY MANAGER (DLM-2010™) keeps track of patients Laboratory test requests/results in respect of Chemical Pathology, Haemathology, Histopathology, Microbiology and Parasitology labs in the Hospital Lab. Investigation requests are entered at the respective Labs in the Hospital. Lab requests could also be entered online from any of the Hospital Clinics and Wards by the Doctors/Authorised Hospital staff.

Lab results could be collected in a hard copy or checked on-line by authorised staff in a computer User Interface in the Labs, Hospital Clinics and Wards respectively. The telephone numbers of the patient, Lab requesting doctor, the medical Lab Scientist and the Head of Department of the Lab that approved the issuance of the results are all online to facilitate communication where need be.

File Size : Available on request | Version : DLM-2010™
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